Industry 4.0 cannot be without smartphones. The era of technology that thrives in this revolution will require more dynamic people to adapt to the general trend otherwise they will be left behind and unable to control and master the technology.

According to 2017 statistics, 54% of the population and enterprises use the internet, 55% of the Vietnamese population use smartphones, and 16% of the growth rate of the information technology industry. The development of technology increasingly stormy has created an impressive picture in the era of industrial revolution 4.0. Application of technology, smartphones in all fields in the 4.0 era
About health: Medical services will target electronic medical platforms, digitize disease status and medical care of each citizen will be managed by electronic medical records.
About Agriculture: Powerful application of internet-connected sensors, LED technology, drones, agricultural robots and smart farm financial management.
About infrastructure: Automated parking, shopping, ordering, ordering, … can all be done via smartphones
All will be controlled by a smartphone that features wireless connectivity, which is the clearest proof of the 4.0 era. People born in the present era will be called the “smartphone” generation. Smartphones have been occupying all the needs of life. From shopping, searching to information, entertainment,… it’s all done by smartphones. But need to be combined with the internet in order to fully utilize its smartphones strengths.

The world is entering the 4th human revolution, which is the industrial revolution 4.0, the era of technology, of artificial intelligence, of smartphones. We must be active and adaptive so that we do not fall behind with science and technology. Be a complete citizen with the help of a smartphone in your hand.