In today’s developed society, we need to focus on life as well as on technology research. This is one of the causes for change in society, people, country as well as natural problems .
Especially for a country that is in the development phase like ours now, the study and application of modern technological advances are completely understood. These applications of ours can be used in various professions, fields of social life. One thing is absolutely certain that technology is the direct cause that makes a difference in people’s lives today.

Currently we live in a society that has a huge change in structure as well as changes in quality. Especially when technology is available, modernization is becoming more and more evident. There have been five technological innovations in the world so far and need to be given the greatest attention to the ongoing – digital technology.
The nineteenth century marked the turning point of society’s development in the field of technology. Machines are modernized, many smart devices were born. Part of this is the catalyst that changes people’s lives. Smartphone devices, laptops, … are always associated with daily life and life. Everyday people use it, from the smallest things like turning on the light system in the family. A touch on the smartphone, the job will be automated. The lights will be turned on as you like. No need to spend time searching and remembering switches of light positions. The work operations are shortened. Everything is simplified. However, one question arises: Are people too dependent on technology? What if someday, technological inventions suddenly disappeared?

Living in a digital age, without applying these innovations to life, is a huge loss. However, people today tend to depend on technology. Is this good or bad? Technology reflects the creation and non-stop development of people. It changes people’s lives for the better. However, some people do not see it all, or rather, they do not know how to apply those good aspects to life. That leads to excessive dependence. Increasingly turning them into passive in life.

Social networks are widely developed. Major social networks: Facebook , Zalo, Twitter, … seem no stranger to us. It connects people close together. You can make friends, get to know many people, share or search for lots of useful information through these social networking sites. However, this is like a double-edged sword. Why? The main reason is also people. They make these things so essential that they depend on them. Try asking the question: How much time do you spend surfing the website a day? Facebook? 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours or more? Some people turn social networks into a virtual world that immerses themselves. In the digital technology era, things are fighting changed. Online newspapers are occupying a very large position and are overwhelmingly overwhelming paper newspapers. New information is always updated quickly to attract readers. So the future of paper like? And then what will it be like?

Children today, are that rapid development. And they also take on information technology quickly. However, some are too abusive. Typical example is a smartphone. Quite a lot of children or even adults are dependent too much on it. Surf the web, read newspapers, play games, listen to music or even talk from a distance through a smartphone. People are partly passive in life. We cannot deny the benefits that information technology or a smartphone brings. However, how to use it properly and to not be too dependent on it is a problem we have to think about.

Realize what you are doing? Apply those achievements in a smart way. That will affect your life in a much more positive way.