I’ve never invested in a really good hair dryer; instead, my money has always gone towards a good hair straightener and the beauty salons, of course. That has been a complete mistake. A good hair dryer can reduce the hair drying time and it also leaves your hair looking shinier and smoother. This hair dryer is as good as it gets – trust me, I’m never looking back!

The Suntek air professional hair dryer is beautifully designed with a matte black and metallic detailing. The motor is extremely powerful at 2,100 W reducing the hair drying time and its exposure to heat for long periods of time. The ionic technology behind this drying helps reduce frizz, leaving the hair looking and feeling smoother. The packaging is beautiful, comes in a black stylish box with 2 concentrator nozzles. The wider nozzle is thinner for precision drying and the narrower one is thicker for drying larger areas at once.

If your priority is to cut down on time, ghd recommends using the hair dryer without the nozzles. I personally find that my hair looks smoother when I use the wider nozzle and the increase in time is not significant. In fact, compared to my previous hair dryer, the ghd air dryer dries my hair in half the time, which is absolutely brilliant!

Overall, I have nothing bad to report about this hair dryer and I’m truly in love; my hair has never looked shinier and smoother and I’ve saved so much time since I started using it!